Our Services

Guardian Mechanical and Building Services provides you with a complete integral and professional service.

Our team have the qualifications and experience to supply designs, documentation as well as management typically relating to

Annual Fire Safety (AFSS) Certification and Management

We offer specialised inspections, audit, testing and certification to be lodged to Local Council.

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Essential Services Audits

We offer specialized inspections and independent audits of existing fire services for compliance with the applicable required Australian Standards and viability.

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Design of Air Conditioning and Essential Mechanical Services

We offer designs in a range of air conditioning solutions and mechanical services.

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Fire Damper Audits

We offer specialized inspections and independent fire damper audits to ensure fire dampers are installed in accordance to the applicable standards at installation.

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Smoke Management Systems

We develop fire test procedures to determine fan operation in the event of a fire as well as offer to produce specifications for the upgrade of existing smoke management systems.

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Tactical Fire Plans

We offer professional services associated with building certification and documentation of essential services.

Guardian Mechanical and Building Services can also offer additional professional services associated with a buildings certification. Note: We do not provide the regular maintenance as provided by fire contractors etc.

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