Essential Services Audits

Guardian Mechanical Building Services are capable of competently assisting you with advice and design/installation requirements for all types of fire systems including:

• Fire Extinguishers
• Fire Hydrants
• Hose Reels
• Exit & Emergency Lights
• Fire Doors
• Maintenance Advice
• Fire Sprinklers
• Automatic Detection Systems
• Automatic sliding doors
• Emergency Warning and Intercom Systems
• Fire Blankets

Essential services are required to meet annual performance and design criteria in accordance to applicable standards. The complying of these performances are required to be detailed on an Annual Fire Safety Statement (known as AFSS in NSW) and lodged to the local council.

As professionals in understanding the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and Australian Standards applicable to fire services, we offer specialised inspections, audit and certification of mechanical services including smoke management, fire dampers and other fire services. Where required, the AFSS is extended to all essential measures. AFSS management is a specialty of ours and we offer to take the hassle away from the building owner and develop our program to manage and collate the necessary information from contractors prior to the sign-off each year, certify and lodge the AFSS to the local council