Competent Fire Safety Practitioners

Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Fire Safety and Building Certification) Regulation 2017’.

The above EPA amendment came into effect on 1st October 2017 with the intention of improving fire safety compliance in buildings requiring an Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS).

Part of the new requirements stipulates that a building owner must select a “competent fire safety practitioner” (CFSP) to carry out the necessary assessments and inspections before an AFSS is issued. The owner’s obligation is to appoint a CFSP, at this point in time the definition of a ‘CFSP’ is still under deliberation.

The NSW Government is currently developing an accreditation framework for recognising industry schemes that will accredit individuals as competent fire safety practitioners. Once the accreditation system is established, building owners must select persons from a register of recognised competent fire safety practitioners.

For the functions associated with preparing an AFSS, the building owner must provide in writing that the person who they propose to perform the fire safety assessment functions is competent and therefore will be taken to be a competent fire safety practitioner.

The format of the AFSS will also be changing to include the wording “competent fire safety practitioner” and the names and contact details of the CFSP must be included for all measures.

In order for GMBS to comply with the above requirements we have created a scope of works to suit each client and the associated contractual setup with their incumbent contractors who maintain and certify their essential services.